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Removal Of Graffiti & Paint

If you are looking for a professional graffiti removal company in Skipton then you have come to the right place.

With many years of experience, the company can come out to remove graffiti from stone, concrete or brick walls.

Paint from vandalism can be cleaned off with our specialist cleaning equipment that’s especially designed for graffiti.

It’s not just paint we can remove from walls. We can remove grease or anti-vandal paint. Sometimes it’s just grime that needs removing and this can be done with ease, with our state of the art cleaning equipment onboard.


Environmentally Friendly

We take great care when removing graffiti to ensure the surrounding environment is protected! We can usually clean walls with water only and we try to recycle where we can.

How do we remove graffiti?

Firstly, we will carry out an inspection of the affected area and present a full risk assessment report for our client.

Secondly our crew will move in with our specialist graffiti removal equipment and chemicals. Quite often the graffiti can be removed with out the use of chemical agents and are only used as a last resort, in a safe and secure manner. If you would like a quotation on paint removal then give us a call!

can we remove any type of graffiti?

Yes in most cases we can. Types of graffiti we can remove are – household paint, spray paint or marker pen. We are experts in working along side commercial companies to remove graffiti from bus stops & train stations.

  • Spray Paint Removal
  • Marker Pen Removal
  • Safe & Clean Methods